Sacramento is not just California’s capital, it’s home to one of the baddest emerging music producer duo’s, Hippie Sabotage. Their newest album (and fourth), released on November 5th, 2012; VACANTS raises the bar of hip hop musical excellence and achieves a script-like instrumental album with sustained sonic storytelling wrapped in “big bass, crazy samples, and [very] LOUD drums.” VACANTS exemplifies Hippie Sabotage’s diversity in beat-making by taking the listener down into the realms of “trap music,” unexpectedly “shock and awe’ing” us with deranged synths and horror-like voice samples as heard on song “Step To.” They end VACANTS with “Show Me The World,” as if serving to serve us a slice of cake with a cherry on top; a perfect serving of 7 tracks. The work of VACANTS is truly phenomenal.

Download NOW for FREE before their stock value rises. Keep an eye on HIPPIE SABOTAGE.

Album info:
Produced by Hippie Sabotage
Thanks to Chase Moore, Sahtyre, and Jeremy Leake
Photography by Aris Jerome


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