The Beatfonics – O​.​S​.​T.

The Beatfonics, after the beat-tape tribute to the Delfonics, from which was born the name of the crew, and its “mixtape version” with the collaboration of various mc’s, release an instrumental tape inspired by some of the most beautiful ost which have made the history in free download on October 22nd on the crew bandcamp page; the freshest sampling skills meets the wisdom of great masters of orchestra, it’s up to you to witness this event. The inevitable alchemy made close, to a fireplace, producers from the most various subgenres of Hip hop music; flippin’, daily, new works, making their way trough the italian scene and over. This is not only the uniqueness of the collective but it’s his versatility and eclecticism typical of European music that distinguishes a heterogeneous agglomeration open to wide horizons, the Beatfonics are not a genre, they’re a poltergeist that became a single living entity, the faces of an unsolved rubik cube that listeners are going to solve it inside themself , the Beatfonics are “Imagination”.


Find the Beatfonics Crew on FACEBOOK:
Cover design by Gianluca Renga:

Jazzy Gentle –
Just S.T.R.E.S.S. –
Opera aka Silenzio –
Nitrox a.k.a. Charlie –
StayReal! –
T_One –
Jammineye –
Gico –
JP Balboa –
Afryx_Q –
Thoro –



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