Fid Mella – Tatas Plottn

Fid Mella’s debut album Tatas Plottn offers the listener a vivid description of life in sample-format, with every sample chop comes a heart beat followed by high hats that deliver an envious pattern of jubilation. Fid Mella comes to us from Meran, Italy and currently resides in Vienna under the Melting Pot Music label. Tatas Plottn is a Hip Hop instrumental album that is conceptually “boom-bap” meaning that the sample cuts are not your traditional loops soul or jazz samples, but fluidly changing pianos, voices, and guitar riffs over a bed of deep and funky bass lines. The meaning of the album is quite interesting: Tatas Plottn in South Tydol (Italian region) means “Dad’s Records.”

Fid Mella produced the records over the last two years in his home-town Meran. Whenever he was visiting his family, he headed straight to his father’s records collection and chopped beats on the spot. Mella’s father was a serious prog-rock head which you can easily tell when listening to this record. Nuff said. To keep all things family, Mella asked his brother Sebastian to do the artwork. Which he did. If the cover looks familiar to you for some reason, you can rate yourself a proper record head. If not, you better ask your father…

Fid Mella was introduced to the Melting Pot Music Label through Brenk Sinatra.

When we asked Brenk to join the Hi-Hat Club, he said “Sure, but I will bring my brother from another mother with me: Fid Mella!“ “Fid Who?“ was our first reaction but when Brenk and Mella delivered “Hi-Hat Club Vol.3 – Chop Shop,“ we finally knew what time it is. Now we call Vienna’s two of Vienna’s dopest producers fam!

Learn more about Fid Mella through Melting Pot Music


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