2Mex quotable

“im a man that rarely sleeps ,but when i do its a dream parade,full of french impressionist and the scenes they made,and some low flying planes that fly in &out of view,and a maze that may or may not lead me to you.theres an amazing theatre of the absurd there too, and a waitress with no diner there that will serve you and your stuck there because you think you deserve to ,suddenly your wisked away as a bird flew and took you into the clouds and away from the noise of the world and the people and the crowds ,you feel regal and so proud to be higher than your problums theres a tripwire from the sun to the earth and suddendly your caught in ,a spiders web inside your dead from fear but you wake up on the floor and nowhere near your bed,they say its all in your head but it wasnt you wouldnt know if your alive or dead.”

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