Blake Fleming – Time’s Up

Time’s Up is an all percussion based record. The idea was to make single length songs (3-4mins more or less) out of nothing but drum and percussion instruments, hopefully providing “hooks” not normally associated with such music. It’s part Bboy percussion throwdown, This Heat homage, Hybrid African, Afro-beat and Myself.
The album was recorded using a two input Mbox and a Fostex cassette 4-track. The most expensive microphone used was the Audio-Technica Pro 37. Recorded in the basement of a 150 yr. old church in the Catskill Mountains.

Album Info

released 18 September 2012
All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Blake Fleming.
Mixed by Andris Balins with Blake Fleming.
Additional recording by Andris Balins at Dryhill Studios, Oneonta, NY.
Cover photo (road sky) by John Bosch (
Cover photo (eye) by Blake Fleming
Cover design by Blake Fleming


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