Hill Sleepers – Hill Sleepers (Self Titled)

There’s not much information on the Hill Sleepers on search engines, but upon discovering and listening to this album I realized that their music is more important this moment. All I know is Hill Sleepers are Spencer Allen, Sarah Bansak and Joseph Minadeo. Joseph is the head of PatternBased, which is the record label for Hill Sleepers.

Their self-titled album offers the listener a cinematic and well-orchestrated sound in one project comprised of 17 tracks. You can hear a heavy load of live instrumentation, such as pianos, flute, vibraphone, percussion, and bass lines. This project was written and performed entirely by the Hill Sleepers and it includes additional production by Aeb Byrne, Tom Porter, Ron Tucker, and Datig Hand.

Album info:
released 11 October 2012
Hill Sleepers is Spencer Allen, Sarah Bansak and Joseph Minadeo.
All tracks written and performed by Hill Sleepers.

Additional Production:
Aeb Byrne played flute on 6, 7, 16 and 17.
Tom Porter played keys on 1 and 7.
Ron Tucker played vibraphone and percussion on 2.
Datig Hand played bass on 16.


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