ALBUM REVIEW: Asfandyar Khan – Elsewhere

By: Edgar Roman

“when the sounds penetrate deep that thoughts are cursed by the wind and its benevolence is vilified.”

Asfandyar Khan is a musician based out of Islamabad, Pakistan who has been releasing music since 2010. His music draws on inspiration from Matthew Robert Cooper, Brian Eno, Stars of Lid, and Tim Hecker.

His latest project titled “Elsewhere” is a composition of strap-less melodies that pervade the imagination and concomitantly resurrect a poised perspective that helps trap the hideousness of life into a space vacuum and abruptly dissipates it across different regions of thought. Elsewhere is as much an introspective, as it is a retrospective album, that collides with honesty while soberly referring to temptation as a much needed part for tomorrow’s recipe.

Elsewhere is bright and dark but it channels the listener’s attention through the maze of mirrors that aggressively surround the perimeter of this gargantuan palace of sound. As the sounds ascend, they literally suspend momentously as if the listener was atop its peak, to grasp the crispness of air, to glance at something they could remember forever, to say that their destiny was indeed a destiny well deserved. If you knew your “real-self” you wouldn’t have to contemplate those moments of mental asphyxiation, especially when the sounds penetrate deep that thoughts are cursed by the wind and its benevolence is vilified.

Elsewhere is an immense and intense listen, the drama of tone can either interrupt a pleasant mood or it can strengthen a thought and enhance concentration towards whatever it is the listener attempts to resolve. It comes with 10 songs, and none is more unequal than the other. Together, the songs are in parity.

Album Info:
Album Name:                       Elsewhere
Date Released:                     September 23, 2012
Genre(s):                               Ambient, Drone, Lo-Fi, Minimalism
Location:                               Islamabad, Pakistan
Cover Art:                              Natasha Jahangir (
Cover Design:                      Rahema Zaheer Alam


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