The Jazz Jousters: Monky Business – Thelonious Monk Reinterpreted

Since June 2012, The Jazz Jousters took on a role that no other music collective  has managed to created and maintain. Their “Lab Off” sessions was initiated with the release of The Chet Baker Tribute and then followed by 8 projects including, but not limited to their seminal work, paying homage to Chick Corea, Miles Davis, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Today they released their 10th project, Monky Business – Thelonious Monk reinterpreted, which could have potentially been their last project as a collective. Thankfully many folks from around the world made noise and demanded The Jazz Jousters continue their tributes to the late great Jazz legends. This project brings the end of The Jazz Jousters”season one” collection, sort of like a your favorite TV series, except the projects are available On-Demand and as FREE DOWNLOADS.

In this project they pay homage to, you guess it, Thelonious Monk’s rendition of “You Are Too Beautiful, which was recorded in 1956 alongside Oscar Pettiford and Art Blakey, and features production styles from the likes of DRTYDRDZ, Mr. Moods, Gadget, EK-K, Blue Buttonz, B 3 N B i, and new-comers Bones The Beat Head and Beatzspeakz Loud.

Message from The Jazz Jousters Board of Directors:

Now we have some good news and some bad news… The bad news is you’re going to have to try and find some extra hard drive space, because the good news is that we heard the cries of the people who demand to hear more. So we are to continue with “season two” being releases every three weeks instead of “fortnightly” (didn’t you see the speech marks in paragraph one? Haha). Next session is about to begin and will be available on Sunday 28th October on the Millennium Jazz Bandcamp page. For now we hope you enjoy the above release and the entire first season. Also don’t forget you can check for updates or leave feedback on the Jazz Jousters update page.



  1. Bones The Beat Head – Theloniously Revisited
  2. Gadget – Thelonious Funk
  3. B 3 N B I – Ridgeline Beauty
  4. DRTYDRDZ – Humble Monks
  5. Blue Buttonz – The Loneliest Monk
  6. Beatzspeakz Loud – Blue Trailz
  7. Mr. Moods – Theological Jazz
  8. Es-K – Thelonious Mind
  9. Bones The Beat Head – Piano Fragments
  10.  Gadget – The Black Jazz Practioner

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Also check out the Exclusive Jazz Jousters interview as Gadget talks about the birth and evolution of The Jazz Jousters.


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