The Malex Kings – Urban Concepts

The Malex Kings are Max Malon, guitarist born in Marseille (France), and Alex Pellicer, music producer from Saragossa (Spain). Their latest project, Urban Concepts is like a Starburst of multiple genres combined into one album. All the tracks were recorded and self edited in their home studio.

A little about their album:

“Urban Concepts” is about the evolution of American music and its
developement in urban societies. Blues, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop and even Hard Rock are the generes boarded in this album. From John Lee Hooker to Jimi Hendrix, and nedless to say James Brown, this project is also a tribute to the greatest artists, the innovators, the genius of music.

released 19 September 2012
The Malex Kings are:
Max Malon (Lead Guitar, Rythm Guitar, Guitar Composition)
Alex Pellicer (Mixed, Produced, Artwork)

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For more info on their unique album, click here.


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