BeatBakkers Beattape 2 –

This is the official release of Beatbakkers Beattape 2.

Beatbakkers are back with their second beat-tape that involves the best underground Hip Hop beat-bakkers from Holland, Canada, UK, and the US. After their highly successful release of the first beat-tape in 2011, they are received back at again! Listeners of the beat-tape can enjoy the diversity of 18 different professional beat-bakkers with sounds that will inspire some interesting thoughts.

The BeatBakkers project is a collaborative initiative from Sneak-E & Juice3M who after they received an overload of submissions from beat-bakkers all over the world decided to give these 18 beat-bakkers a chance for exposure. Only the best submissions are on this BeatBakkers tape!


( If you wish to listen to the BeatBakkers Beat-tape 2 online before you download, check it over here: )

01. A.JxBeats – Mash Up
02. Sneak-E – I Want Sushi
03. XXL-Beats – Beta Vulgaris
04. Matt Baker – Beat Junkies
05. Kadaj Da Kid – Violet Eye
06. Jareezy – The Lobby
07. J.B. (Jurgen Beats) – The Woods
08. Jeremy Maatoke – No 9
09. Jawson – Loud Mouf
10. SiKe – High Up In The Sky
11. Yazu! – Madness
12. Stephen Corbitt – Holy Ambition
13. Maitro – Caribbean Breeze
14. KrisiZ – Funky
15. Johnny North – Showman
16. eBeats (Elroy Bakker) – Whistle
17. Due – Grass
18. Spitz Beats – Flinstones


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