Many Miles – The Jazz Jousters interprets Miles Davis

Many Miles is the Jazz Jousters latest release and this time they pay tribute to Miles Davis’ song “Blue In Green” off his 1959 album, “Kind of Blue.” It features a new beat maker, Es-K who created Blue in Green flip and the regulars such as Gadget,Wriggly Scott, Joe Davies, DRTYDRDZ, Blue Buttonz, B 3 N B I,  and Mr. Moods, and it it vocally supported by MarLikNun, song #8 Blue&Green with Mr. Moods.

Miles Davis is an iconic American jazz musician, instrumentalist, and composer whose career spanned over the course of 42 years, give or take his five year hiatus. His discography is quite lengthy, with over 140 projects that included studio, live, compilation, and soundtrack albums, and 57 singles. He made his debut with Prestige Records in 1951 with Blue Period and went on to influence an array of successful and well-known artists in the genres of Rock, HipHop, Pop, and Jazz, who today exist to be relevant.

Source: AllMusic


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