REVIEW: SLOW MACHETE – Evening Dust Choir

By Edgar HR Roman


In crying desperation I announced to my grieving soul that we must continue on this path towards purity.
I said “What’s keeping it real in a world made up of fantasy?” – “Don’t play me with now,” I cautiously said to my soul.

As we continued our travel on the barren soil, the sole thing separating us from the humble dark sky was an ounce of gust descending upon my sweat-drenched skin. We were in search of Slow Machete; a friend who I had been longing to reunite with to close the growing gap of voicelessness that had pervaded our experience in this world. We lost touch!

Our hunger arose from the depths without notice but we managed to sustain our mental equilibrium until we plunged inside an aperture that without hesitation presented us a hope of light in where evanescent visuals meditatively oscillated around the corner of our eyes; it was an Evening Dust Choir that guided us into state of enlightenment.

Rating:                     #LetItPlay (5/5)

Album Name:         Evening Dust Choir
Date Released:       March 20, 2012
Genre(s):                 Electronic, Sample-Based, Choir
Location:                 Washington D.C; Palmares, Costa Rica; and Montevideo, UR

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