Kaiti Kink Ensemble – Under The Iron Sky /// REVIEW

By    Edgar HR Roman

Kaiti Kink Ensemble is a Finnish band comprised two film/game composers, Tapani Siirtola and Joonas Naskali, and a sultry – voiced singer Kaiti Kink, who met at a music production school in 2002 and have since collaborated in various projects, including Under The Iron Sky being their first full length that released on April 6, 2012. The album features 10 songs and includes musicians Anri Tuohimäki (Violin), Esa Korja (Cello & Double Bass), Mikko Routimo (Trumpet), Jouni Parkkonen (Trumpet), Aki Ekqvist (Drums), Vilho Rajala (Drums), Juha Alaste (Drums), and Mikko Soukkala (Bass).

Their musical arrangement has an oscillating contemporary mix between a Portishead, Thievery Corporation, and Massive Attack, except with an industrial-cinematic twist, while the satiny voice of Kaiti Kink carefully glides atop each musical note creating a harmonious unification of chaos and order. Kaiti Kink’s lyrics are poetically allegorical to the point that’ll fascinate the listener to ponder the inspiration behind each word and the arrangement of words that inadmissibly constructs an apparatus towards emotional freedom.

For example, the first notable song, Dusty Words, passionately confesses:

“Don’t harm yourself with Dusty Words/
Make me feel not alone/
Touch my soul, let me go/
Make me feel like home”

And You’re the Home:

“Wait, if I can stop and turn back time,
Then I would holder you stronger each time,
To keep the pain away/
Wait, let me take your tears as mine /
There’s nothing left to fear or hide /
Let me take you back home/

The wind will be on your side /
Sun will shine on your mind /
Thrust yourself to my arms /
Let my love heal the scars “

The album unexpectedly launches the listener into space with an energetic Let Me Into Your Mind, a dub step infused song that’ll shaken the palate of austerity and transform the senses towards a mild-mannered Under the Iron Sky, which is the flagship song of the album. Followed by Dark Side of the Moon and another notable song Superstitious, in where Kaiti Kink reveals the diffusion of superstitions by healing those shadows using the light that’s within.  In terms of musical tone, the album goes autopilot up until the climax of the album with Too Much Energy, a song that sticks out like a “sore thumb” and borderline military-sounding, which will inevitably shake the easy listening, but nonetheless a powerful song. The album continues on its adventure with Remedy, Dusty Words, With You Now, and finally Journey, a song that depicts the “end to rule” our souls through the trials and tribulations our minds bring upon us inside a chaotic world, in where we are in constant search of freedom.

The entire album is a film that can only be conceived in the imagination by carefully listening to the well-crafted intentions of each instrument and word arrangement to understand the purpose of what this album personally means to the listener. Despite the album ending at 10 songs; each one stirred a different sequence of events through its imaginative and emotionally driven lyrics that commandeer the attention of all five senses; it was therapeutic!

Under The Iron Sky is the type of album that will not only inspire creativity; it will enable the listener to grasp the presence of time in spite of succumbing to a momentary “suspended animation.”

I personally feel like the album should continue onto towards a trilogy. I highly recommend Under the Iron Sky.

Rating:                        #LetItPlay (5/5)

Album Name:           Under the Iron Sky
Date Released:         April 6, 2012
Genre(s):                    Cinematic Dub step, Trip Hop, and Electronic
Location:                   Tampere, Finland
Website:                     www.kaitikink-ensemble.com
Facebook:                 www.facebook.com/KaitiKinkEnsemble



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