Dezzy Hollow – The Silent Story /// Review

By Edgar HR Roman


Dezzy Hollow is a Hip Hop/Soul recording artist out of Oceanside, CA, who has released four musical projects independently, including The Silent Story, which released on January 14, 2012 and his most recent Take Away. He has perform in various venues, shows, and opened for a diverse cadre of artist; on September 6th, he’ll be opening for rapper Mac-10 at the Satin Lounge in San Diego, CA.

His sound is crossing at the intersection of Drake and Lil Wayne, with oftentimes switching lanes towards Baby Bash. Nevertheless, his soulful notes are outlined in The Silent Story that features 13 songs; each highlighting a gentle harmonious breeze, and contemplative lyrics inspired by love, passion, and humble-work ethnic, most impressionably depicted in Grind Hard. ” Making haters go from rebels to I’ll never doubt you”

An important feature of The Silent Story is Dezzy’s potential to express his righteous memories and stories in an engaging manner over a sundry of soulful, hip-hop, and R&B beats. Just when you think he’s paused for a millisecond, his voice regains traction and continues on delivering more bars than the ice cream man, undoubtably on par with other great recording artists in his league.

From the opening track, “Grind Hard” to the DJ-Quik inspired “Can You Werk with That,” The Silent Story is an interesting album that clearly displays a writer’s brilliant knack for words while juggling an assortment of surprises.

This album deserves an honest listen.

Rating: #LetItPlay (5/5)

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