By – Rag DeNamor

UNSPOKEN WORDS’ is a Hip-Hop group comprised of News and Micro, and are based out of Santa Ana, CA. Their latest album titled IT’S ABOUT TIME really means IT’S ABOUT TIME, either to change how the listener’s perception is ambushed by silly words or to enhance how we listen to words and produce our own meanings to contribute and utilize in real life scenarios. While some may be inspired to listen to bassy patterns, this album will inspire that listener to carefully pay attention to not just words, but classical story-telling through poetry.

IT’S ABOUT TIME is a well-verse album of sharp-minded, poetically-charming, verbal compositions without the superfluous ego-tripping, “thank me now or thank me later” attitude. It’s a story-tellers dream! Jay-Z once said: “words are tough, the meaning behind the s**t is tough” and it appears that Unspoken Words channeled their energies into decisively arranging the syntax of the verses into mere perfection. As you listen to the album, you can listen to the hints of sights and sounds of Santa Ana, and if you’ve never set foot in Santa Ana, CA, the album you’re about to listen will paint a visual of what Santa Ana is like, a real place and time, with real people who report the trials and tribulations of an environment pervaded by poverty and violence. Where fictitious realities are put under the MICROscope and interrogated by two word-wealthy poets,

The Introduction riles up the imagination with clues to their grassroots nature; where they’re from and who they are, the album essentially sells itself as valuable to the culture of Hip Hop. Mexican-American is reminiscent to Kid Frost’sLa Raza,” but vividly goes into Slick Rick-esque story-telling sequence describing the youth and the choices they make while dependent on their limited opportunities. Time enacts this presence of today going back to the past, which will determine the future, hence “one can always see the future just by looking at the past,” an intriguing but a casual reminder to the listener that “father time will never sleep.” Skipping to Truespitter’s pays homage to their MC’ing nature, the determination to keep enhancing the lyrical ambition as not just poetry, but the rhyming schemes of a person “who spits on the microphone and he never lies.” Other notable tracks are Dreams, is an introspective travel through time oftentimes producing a deferral of dreams but invoking that the notes align his path as he searches “blindly through the library of politics and hope.” He offers two choices “you can be the one who’s shaking hands with everybody or you can catch a case with a gun and couple of bodies,” but “don’t blame anybody when your dreams are not fulfilled.” A possible meaning is you’re either the master of your destiny through the  relationships one creates which are then morphed into a voluminous network of “good vibing” folks, or be the pawn of someone else’s master plan and have your dreams deferred as a result of careless presence. Chasin’ is the encore of Dreams that alludes the listener towards continuing that balance of life and eliminating unworthy “static,” with lyrics like:

“open up your mind, clear out your ears,

listen up see crystal clear, how can they say the end is near

when the future just got here?”

IT’S ABOUT TIME is breathe of fresh air, right through the nostrils and into that curious mind. With a heavy dose of ‘unspoken’ words, poetry, story telling, and introspection; this album deserves a meditative listen.

Rating:                      Play (5/5)

Album Name: It’s About Time – Date Released: December 13, 2011

Genre(s): Hip-Hop (real shit) – Location: Santa Ana, CA

Band Members:    News, Micro, and DJ Fade

Album Produced by DJ Fade, Scratches by DJ Fade, All Lyrics by News and Micro

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/unspokenwords

Bandcamp: http://unspoken-words.bandcamp.com/


  1. Intro to Santa Ana
  2. Mexican American
  3. Time
  4. Viber
  5. Renovate (Interlude)
  6. Truespitter’s
  7. Independent Statement
  8. Dreams
  9. Chasin
  10. Way of the Walk
  11. Do it Fresh
  12. Darkness
  13. Be You
  14. Jammy
  15. Kool
  16. News Outro

3 responses to “UNSPOKEN WORDS – It’s About Time /// REVIEW

    • research was proper mad love to all the true fans outhere realhihop is unspoken words “YO RAG DENAMOR WUT UP SON” stay up yo MAD LOVE MICRO’USW” Peace keep doing your thing and never stop cuz we cant b stoped

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