Gradient Prophet – Living Spaces

Gradient Prophet’s debut album, Living Spaces, is a well-orchestrated composition of whimsical sounds baked into a ripe crisp of euphoric minimalism. The melodies and drum patterns are like a cool spread of autumn leaves layered atop fresh cut grass, and with every song, the ear is rejuvenated with a clustered fizz of surprises. Within these melodies, a confluence of strings, synths, guitars, drums, and vehicular bass lines create a roller coaster motion that fill the void left by that sultry voice and allow the self to slowly dwindle into a “feel good” vibe.

Gradient Prophet is an instrumental music outfit based out of Akron, Ohio, which is headed by Alex Schrock. He describes his musical composition as “sing a rare mix of beats, samples, synths and live orchestration/improvisation.”

Purchase the album here and keep supporting your local grassroots artists.

For more info on Gradient Prophet, click here.


  1. Rust Belt Flowers
  2. Water Wing Voyage
  3. The Great Jettison
  4. Limbic System (Please Recycle)
  5. All This Bliss
  6. Parsec Waiting Room
  7. Sabbatical On lo
  8. Whimsical Sky
  9. All In All Out
  10. Is That a New Airship
  11. Speed of Now
  12. Cyclical Breakdown Bounce
  13. Big. Dead. City
  14. Mikaeri Bijin
  15. Loci of Dreams



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