Akil Ammar – Postdata

Akil Ammar is a Mexican rapper born in Mexico City and started his artistic career as a member of Grupo La Familia, established in 1998.

His stage name derives from two Arabics words: “Akil,” which means “one who uses reason” and “Ammar,” which means “builder.”

Akil Ammar, over the course of his career has changed the themes of his lyrics, currently and frankly speaking about social and political criticism in Mexico and abroad.

He is co-founder of IndieGente, an independent organization created in 2005 whose objectives is the development of Hip Hop and resistance aimed at educating communities around the world in need to speak out against injustices.

His discography consists of six full length albums starting with Reflexión (2002), Momentos (2003), Melokarma (2005), Deja Vú (2006), Réquiem (2009), and his latest work, Postdata (2012). He has collaborated with various artists including Bocafloja and Skool 77.

His Postdata album can be purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to a few tracks off Postdata.



Debajo De Mi Piel

Nada Me Dana

More on Akil Ammar


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