ROME – The Impossible ALBUM REVIEW

Artist:   ROME   Title:   The Impossible   Label:   BYI Entertainment   Produced by: ROME, Don Mind Productions; Tha Bizness; Big K.R.I.T.   Released: 03 August 2011

ROME’s The Impossible is a gem hidden beneath the rough. His third full length album contains a mixture of raw, sample based, and live instrument production laced with clever wordplay that deals with subjects such as childhood and present personal struggles, dreams, ambitions, and series of reflective memories of an immigrant upbringing.

The album starts off with The Impossible as to convey to the listener that this project in itself is a journey through a world of non-believers that coexists with the nature of an expedition that has never been accomplished. Perhaps it’s to imply that due to ROME being Latino; music in this category and the caliber of talent is not expected of him. The fact is, ROME is a rapper/producer who happens to be Latino. He embodies a traveling spirit through space and time where musical integrity is based on its intended purpose.

Spearheaded by the single Borderline Famous; tracks like I Get Lifted, Bigger, Fall Before Summer, In My Life, The Caribbean, and Ghetto Struggle Feel Good Musicare notables tracks that detail a strong desire for success despite the obstacles in attempting to “making something out of nothing;” he manages paint a picture of what success looks like to the ambitious listener.

ROME’s single parent upbringing is meticulously unraveled in Love is Blind where the challenges of being fatherless implore a series of questions answered by his most honest lyrical exponent. Lyrics such as:

“…never were you there, like a father leave his son; like a single mother and his son……that’s why, we turn to raising (raising) children in one bedroom building, building new beginning, beginning from the beginning.”

Tracks like Keep Slippin’ Away detail the double-entendre of opportunities in combination with time that “keeps slippin away” to an eventual disappearance; it symbolizes his absence of fear while the presence of his courage attacks every opportunity. For one, opportunities are neutral that can either be regressive or progressive but an opportunity, in both possible natures, can lead an individual to “slip.” In other words, the mental lapse of situational comprehension due to the outcome of the opportunity. In this track, ROME is particular in defending his position of being “grounded” despite his musical success.

Going from Impossible to I’m Possible is a telltale journey ROME manages to invite the listener through. It’s a reflective state of being, to believe in oneself in spite of opposition. He reminds us to be mindful of our own “business.” The album overall not only challenges rappers and producers in his musical category; it challenges the listener to leave a comfort zone.  The act of challenging ourselves to be a part of something greater and take action towards achievement.

What makes this album complete is the diversity of patterns in sound and lyrical delivery, the R&B/Jazzy melodic hooks/choruses by unknown female singers, but most importantly, what makes this album AWESOME is ROME’s intellectual understanding of music.

Artist nowadays have to be multi-talented and ROME is the vanguard for the new generation. He’s doing what only a few artist are currently doing; rapping and producing. It’s tough enough to construct words into (3) 16 bar verses, however, adding production and being inspired to write to your own supply is unimaginably challenging. ROME made it possible.


ROME is a 27 year old, multi-talented artist hailing from the streets of Los Angeles, CA. The youngest of 3 siblings, he was born in Los Angeles County Hospital and raised by a single immigrant mother. Currently signed to BYI Entertainment, label helmed by Luis “LuLu” Torres, his previous projects include No Excuses and My Demo. He has done work for Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Cool&Dre, Glasses Malone, Los Lonely Boys, and Omar Cruz.

You can download the album here.

Written by: Edgar Roman for TheSteryo


1. The Impossible

2. I Get Lifted

3. Borderline Famous

4. Bigger

5. Los Angeles Leakers Skit #1

6. La Isla Bonita Feat. LaLa Romero

7. Back to Life feat. LaLa Romero

8. Fall Before Summer

9. What You Want feat. Mike Jagger

10. Los Angeles Leakers Skit #2

11. In My Life

12. Keep Slippin’ Away feat. Mistah F.A.B.

13. The Caribbean

14. Ghetto Struggle Feel Good Music

15. Los Angeles Leakers Skit #3

16. All I Need

17. Love is Blind

18. I’m Possible


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