Artist:     Zenaloa     Album:     SPA_CES mixtape     Produced by:     Junio

SPA_CES, the newest project from Zenaloa represents a departure from the ‘record-sample’ format of production and invites us into a synth-laden, progressive sounding ‘space.’ The mixtape cover translates Spaces into braille which could mean that if you can’t see him, you can at least feel him and/or hear him.

The projects begins with Spaces, a welcome to both old and new listeners that informs them of his new place, where you can hold him “accountable for whatever my pens do.”

DoucheBag begins eerie sounding, as if the listener is about to become swallowed into an unknown ‘space’ which does not seem clear until you hear “…I’m just another douchebag but if you go through tracks, you’ll find that there’s proof that I’m steps ahead of you cats.” An ode to all ‘haters’ and ‘non-believers’ who have preconceived opinions of Zenaloa as a person or as an artist.

Gadgets(Nuts&Bolts) shows us another side of Zenaloa’s lyrical delivery, a much  confident sound that if you listen closely, you’ll hear sequence of flow changes that directly compliment his wordplay. Lyrics like “Crucifix ‘round my neck for protection, I follow suit as I find my direction” gives the listener a clever, yet introspective hook that challenges the listener to trust the path and follow him in confidence.

InTheMeantime, should represent an introspective moment we all need in life where the listener can examine “… problems are based on what you’re gonna wear, what should go with your outfit and how you’ll do your hair.”  For Zen, it’s an invitation to just be in the moment with him, to listen to his words. Personal struggles, problems etc can blind us into not enjoying ‘The Meantime’ with thoughts that are too far ahead. Here, Zen reminds us of how to cherish those unique personal spaces “remembering the good things and cancelling ‘I hate you’s.” InTheMeantime will remind you of your moment; right here, right now!

Spiders, symbolizes an ending to a movie that is not suppose to end. Here, Zen describes an honest struggle inside another space, the web. Zen illustrates the web from the point of view of a spider and details the consequences to outsiders venturing into this space with no guarantee you’ll leave alive.  Webs are a classification of our interconnected ‘space;’ the cause and effect of decisions that not only affect one person but all inside these intricate spaces we create.

Overall, SPA_CES is a good piece of lyrical art; sometimes I get this feeling that hopefully there’s a hidden track on the download. Take a clear listen to the lyrics, Zenaloa is a fine mind when it comes to constructing words into verses. He has a excellent story to tell.

Download SPA_CES here.


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