Who is Zenaloa?

Spend a day with Zenaloa and you’ll be surprised to hear a conversation that will not be limited to a lecture about music but will include life’s lessons, pain, ambition, and happiness as he’ll describe his love of being a father.

The sounds of the 24 year old MC are that of a mature person, the catalyst of an Orange County Hip Hop movement who is an artistically creative entrepreneur. Musically, he knows what he wants and will make it happen. While some are thinking about it, Zenaloa has or is currently doing it.

He’s focused on accomplishing one thing: to become the best wordsmith he can become. A feat that is beyond comprehension to outsiders.

Since his inception into the Hip Hop music scene (circa 2008), Zenaloa has been cultivating his own persona by creatively discovering the essence of lyricism and introducing his lyrics via sample-based beats earning himself seven projects (and counting) of which one: Swishers and Optimos became his debut EP that released on March 25, 2011 with a feature from 2Mex.

Influenced by the West Coast Underground movement (that includes Dilated Peoples), he started free-styling before he knew how to construct words into bars, a step most needed to create and have an overall appeal of true lyricism in Hip Hop.

In 2008, he released The Strangerz mixtape with his group Independent Thinkers that consist of artist Spoken Mind and producer Strange. Following by 2009’s Independent Thinkers Vs. State Morality which includes tracks like Flower Power (feat. Ikuestion) and OCMX, a classic hood ode to the Orange County lifestyle from the Mexicano perspective.

  Fall 2010 became what is considered to be his most productive time of year as he would release three 5-song albums each one representing a month of the Fall season produced by Strange. Starting with September includes tracks like Bad Habits, October with Inside Joke, and finally November with Mary.

2011 can be argued as being a “coming of age” year for Zenaloa; starting with the exclusive sounds of Swishers and Optimos and the Spaces mixtape produced by Junio each project clearly depicting a different style of musical production; one sampled based and the other synth based.

It’s hard but not to notice that all of his projects are a representation of not only his true lyrical growth but also the growth of his musical selection, a process that is becoming progressive, one song at a time.

For Free Zenaloa music downloads:

visit zenaloa.bandcamp.com for Swishers&Optimos and Space mixtape.


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